Sonic Interaction

Radboud University lecturer Vincent Meelberg researches the relation between sound and interaction. Human beings interact with each other by using sound, such as speech. Making music is a form of sonic interaction as well. Devices such as alarms, mobile phones, and even cars communicate with their users through sound. In his research Meelberg investigates these different forms of sonic interaction, by focusing on both everyday sounds and sounds that are the result of artistic practises, such as music, radio plays and sound art. This research addresses issues such as the manners in which we use sound to interact, how sound codetermines the ways we experience environments, and the ways in which artistic practices may teach us about how sound can affect us.

Vincent Meelberg is founding editor of the Journal of Sonic Studies, and has recently coedited a book on sounding art, called The Routledge Companion to Sounding Art (Routledge 2017).