Abigail Gordon

Abigail Gordon
It's unique and you can curate it in any way that suits your interests and passions.
Abigail Gordon
Cultural Geography and Tourism
Country of previous education
United States
Study start date
Previous education
Syracuse University - BA International Relations

Abigail Gordon is a Master's student Cultural Geography and Tourism.

'The Human Geography program has been a pleasant challenge for me. The program structure is completely different from what I'm used to. Unlike having a strict, set course list in my previous education, half of my degree here has been electives to help me with my research. There is room for flexibility and creativity. It's unique and you can curate it in any way that suits your interests and passions!

The atmosphere was also a delightful surprise. Rather than being lectured by a professor, there are active discussions and all voices are heard. All opinions are welcome to join the debate, and there is less of a hierarchy between students and instructors.

Due to the flexibility of the program, I find it hard to discipline myself as there isn't a set structure. For example, when it came time to choose my own thesis topic and internship, it felt difficult to do everything on my own. Even though our supervisors are here to help in any way possible, it really is the student doing the diligent work. I still struggle to find a schedule for myself without getting sidetracked. However, this is a good learning curve for when I enter a career someday.

I've chosen to follow my passion and research spa and wellness tourism in Estonia. My research touches on the debate of authenticity in cultural traditions/rituals, sensory experience, the experience economy, and ultimately discover if tourism help to keep these traditions alive or not.

Human Geographers can literally do anything! Our degree is so broad, we do not have a fixed job that fits into a box. This allows us to explore many opportunities. Personally, I would like to work in a cultural sector (like UNESCO). I plan to stay in the Netherlands and find a job here once I receive my Master's.'