Why study this programme?

In this specialisation you will learn to understand and interpret advanced theories and practices of leisure and tourism and the interaction between tourism and the social, cultural and physical environment.

Master's specialisation in Cultural Geography and Tourism

  • The Human Geography programme takes an emancipatory approach to the field of Human Geography, meaning that we engage with pressing societal problems and with the less privileged in society. As an academic discipline we also tend to thoroughly conceptualise and theorise, think through and empirically investigate, the topics we are studying while never losing sight of the practical social relevance of what we are studying.
  • The programme focuses as much on mainstream theory as on alternative ones. This will help you develop an academic attitude that allows you to be critical and creative when it comes to your own views, research and findings.
  • Although the foundation of this specialisation is geographical, our approach to this theme is highly multidisciplinary to include related fields as cultural studies, psychology, anthropology, economics, spatial planning and environmental studies.
  • Over the past years, Radboud University has made a name for itself in the field of Human Geography for not shying away from critical debates and by researching topics in the field that are of societal importance. We’re known for not staying on the beaten path.


Why choose Radboud University

  • Our classes are small and interactive, and our professors are easily approachable. There is an open environment where you can easily come in contact with other students.
  • Our compact campus in Nijmegen is the greenest in the Netherlands where everything is within walking distance. It is a welcoming space, with ample facilities suited to studying and discussing societal issues with fellow students outside lectures. 
  • We encourage our students to take a multidisciplinary approach to their studies. You are free to customise your own programme, so you can learn about and research topics that you are passionate about.
  • You earn a valuable diploma in an accredited university system. We stimulate and support the development of your critical skills in order to improve your chances in the job market within your field.
  • With staff hailing from around the world and with education and research related cooperation set up with academic partners around the world, an international setting is created. 

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