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Master's specialisationCyber Security and AI

The interplay between AI and Cyber Security provides solutions to many real-world problems, but also brings new challenges. In this unique specialisation, you will learn to understand the latest approaches of the interaction between both domains.

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  • The first programme that combines cyber security and AI in the Netherlands.
  • Gives you a wide selection of courses covering different aspects of both fields.
  • You have the possibility to do an internship at a company or research institute.
  • Provides both technical and sociotechnical aspects of cyber security and AI.
  • Considers both AI for security and security of AI.
Why in Nijmegen?
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How can we maintain the security and privacy of AI?
Stjepan Picek
Stjepan Picek Associate Professor Read Stjepan's story
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What will you learn

In the Master's specialisation in Cyber Security and AI you will learn various aspects of cyber security and AI. The unique aspect of the specialisation is the consideration of interplay between cybersecurity and AI - both AI for security and security of AI.

In the specialisation you can design your own programme and focus on themes like cryptography, network security, privacy, software security, and AI. You have the chance to learn about both technical and sociotechnical topics. A graduate of this programme will be able to cover a wide selection of challenges arising in the modern world.

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Future career opportunities

This programme will train a new generation of cybersecurity experts that will be easily differentiated in the job market with their strong knowledge of AI and challenges arising when using AI. Graduates from this programme will be able to fill in the same job market as those finishing the Cyber Security Master's specialisation, but will have a unique advantage as they will be a natural fit for those employers that require specific AI background and knowledge of challenges in cyber security and AI. What is more, graduates of this programme will also be able to switch if they want to the jobs in the AI market with relative ease.

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.