Why study Cyber Security and AI in Nijmegen?

The interplay between AI and cyber security provides solutions to many real-world problems, but also brings new challenges. This interplay is expected to become more and more pronounced in the next years. Already, AI is used in diverse cyber security domains. For instance, in cryptography (implementation attacks, cryptanalysis), network security (malware detection, intrusion detection), system security (fuzzing), and privacy (differential privacy, federated learning). At the same time, AI also has unique security challenges that need to be addressed (evasion attacks, poisoning attacks, inference attacks). As such, it is not any more sufficient to looks at the AI and cybersecurity in isolation, but consider the challenges arising from the interplay between those domains.


Why study Cyber Security and AI? 

  • The specialisation in Cyber Security and AI is the first programme in the Netherlands that combines the fields of cyber security and artificial intelligence in the Netherlands.
  • The programme provides you a wide selection of courses covering different aspects of both fields.
  • You have the possibility to do an internship at a company or research institute. Those internships require both knowledge in cyber security and AI.
  • The programme provides you with the technical and sociotechnical aspects of cyber security and AI.
  • In the programme, you will focus on both AI for security and security of AI.

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