Dutch Law

Choose the master's in Dutch law at Radboud University. In Nijmegen you will not only learn what the law looks like, but also why it looks that way. And whether it could look differently. In this way you will really get to grips with the concept of law.

  • Civil Law

    The Master’s specialisation in Civil Law will provide you with a sound basis for a promising career in civil law. You will not only distinguish yourself through your substantive knowledge but also by your ability to analyse complex legal issues.

  • Financial Law

    Twenty years ago, financial law was almost non-existent, but its scope and impact have increased greatly in the last few decades. This explosion of new laws and regulations has called for specialists in financial law, and you could be one of them.

  • Company Law

    During this programme you will delve into the legal aspects of financing, risk management and reorganizations. The master's specialization in Company Law is an excellent starting point for a career in the commercial legal profession.

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law

    Constitutional and administrative law forms the legal foundation for government administration and organisation in a democracy, in which the interests of both citizens and the government must be balanced. Can you help to guarantee this balance?

  • Criminal Law

    Criminal law has a strong presence in our society. Major developments continue to take place in this field, which is why there is a need for good lawyers with a sound knowledge of criminal law and procedure who can apply this in legal practice.

  • Pre-Master's Nederlands Recht

    Do you have a Diploma in Law and would you like to learn more about jurisprudence? If you are thinking of joining the judiciary and working as a lawyer, public prosecutor or judge, a pre-Master’s programme could be the right programme for you!