Environment and Society Studies

This Master's programme discusses the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, such as environmental justice, nature conservation and biodiversity, animal welfare, circular economy, agriculture and food, sustainable energy, climate change, and water. By critically analyzing current policies and initiatives, we contribute to achieving the societal transformations necessary to address sustainability challenges. The programme is small scale and prepares you to play an active and effective role in the transformation to a sustainable and just society. Within the Master's Environment and Society Studies, you have a choice between four Master's specialisations.


  • Sustainable Economies and Corporations

    In this Master's programme we rethink the principles of current economic systems and analyse how to enhance the environmental responsibility of businesses. We aim to develop new business models that contribute to a sustainable future. What does a sustainable and just economy look like, and how can we enable such a new system?

  • Global Environment and Sustainability

    This specialisation focuses on the global level of sustainability transformations, such as international agreements and initiatives on climate change, biodiversity and nature conservation on land and in oceans. You will learn how to critically analyse international negotiations. How do international agreements come about, how - and to what extent - are they implemented, and which roles do different stakeholders, such as companies and civil society groups, play in these processes?

  • Local Environmental Change and Sustainable Cities

    This specialisation focuses on the local level of sustainability transformations and the integration of different policies. How can we address issues such as the energy transition, climate adaptation, water quality, mobility, circularity, sustainable agriculture and nature conservation in a city or region, in the Netherlands or abroad?

  • Environmental Justice and Governance

    Environmental justice is not only a classic, but also an urgent issue in sustainability transformations. Who benefits from our current, not sustainable economy? And who suffers most from pollution? How do we see our relationships with nature and animals? This specialization studies how we can enable a healthy environment for humans, animals and nature, and how we can govern sustainability transformations in a just manner.


When your education background does not grant you direct admission to the Master's programme in Environment and Society Studies, you can, in some cases, enrol in a pre-Master's programme. A pre-Master’s programme is (usually) a one-year programme (60 EC’s) especially designed to bridge the gap between your prior education and our Master’s in Environment and Society Studies. Finishing one of these programmes grants direct access to the Master’s programme.

  • Pre-Master's Environment and Society Studies

    In some cases, when your education background does not grant you direct admission to the Master's programme in Environment and Society Studies, you can enrol in a pre-Master's programme.