Aquatic Ecology

Master's specialisationEnvironment & Sustainability

Do you want to contribute to solving the environmental sustainability challenges of our time? In this specialisation, you focus on unraveling human impacts on nature and using this knowledge to identify environmental sustainability solutions.

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  • Environment & Sustainability (previously called Water & Environment) is connected to the Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences (RIBES), a leading institute in research on environmental, nature and water issues.
  • Radboud University has tight relationships with environmental authorities (PBL, RIVM), waterboards, and NGO's (e.g. Natuurplaza).
  • With two internships, you will get a thorough background in scientific research.
  • There is a lot of attention for your personal development, with an orientation course focussing on your future career and extensive one-on-one contact with your supervisors.


Why in Nijmegen?
Plant Systems Physiology

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This degree is really important for Holland as it connects water, which we have loads of, and the environment.
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Maikel Breederland Former student Water and Environment Read Maikel's story
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What will you learn

In this specialisation you will dive into ecological issues on all size scales and connecting scientific findings to societal implications or environmental policies. You will be trained to become an environmental expert, analysing the human impact on nature. You will learn to unravel the effects of stressors - like carbon dioxide emission or toxic pesticide - to connect scientific findings to societal implications or environmental policies. During your two internships within the specialisation, you will be responsible for your own experiments, surveys and (model) analysis, under the supervision of one of our top researchers at the RIBES.

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Future career opportunities

You will be trained to become an environmental expert, educated to analyse the impacts of mankind on nature and use this knowledge to support sustainability transitions. On the job market, there’s a great demand for environmental experts who can make the connection between science and society. Our graduates work across a wide variety of jobs, including research, policy support, consultancy, and environmental education.

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This specialisation is closely connected to the Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences (RIBES). Located near the Waal river, RIBES is focused on aquatic ecosystems and wetlands. This means that in the courses and the research projects, there’s a prominent role for water quantity and water quality. One year of your Master’s is completely dedicated to academic research. You’ll learn to design, perform and evaluate your own research.

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If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.