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This degree is really important for Holland as it connects water, which we have loads of, and the environment.
Maikel Breederland
Environment & Sustainability
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Former student Water and Environment
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Pre-master's Biology at Radboud University

Maikel Breederland is a former Master's student Water and Environment at Radboud University. At the end of the programme Maikel wrote a testimonial about the Master's and atmosphere in Nijmegen. 

What do you like about the Master's specialisation and why? 

I've learned a lot about biogeochemistry and using this to draw conclusions about the growth and health of ecosystems. I have also learned about ecosystem services, novel ecosystems and the different pressures from humans in the environment. This was a giant step up from my applied science bachelor that uses loose subjects and they do not ever intertwine, but with this master's, if you understand one course, you probably understand all of them.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

The relationship with teachers and researchers is both very close and very distant. I found that you need to go look for answers yourself most of the time and you can only ask specific questions to get a nice answer, so that's half the question. But that's also what's required from you as a master's student. But in general, everyone is very enthusiastic, they want to help everyone and make time for everyone, especially during internships.

What do you find most challenging in your Master’s specialisation? 

Writing discussions about novel ideas and executing these in novel ways has proven to be a challenge as it's hard to find reference material and use that as guidelines. Besides that, Radboud specializes in biogeochemistry which in itself can be very challenging.

Are you currently doing an internship? Or what is your thesis about?

I'm performing a food web analysis of Lake Grevelingen. I determined macrophyte composition, mollusk and crustacean density and collected Macro invertebrates that I count and determine in the lab. 45 to 55 hours a week is certainly within the scope of imagination but it's great fun and I wouldn't do anything else.

Why do you think is it important that there are people out there with this degree? 

This degree is really important for Holland as it connects water, which we have loads of, and the environment. Think about eutrophication in wetlands due to groundwater level contamination. Think about destroying and creating ecosystems and habitats by building dams and sluices. Think about how to improve the water capacity of river Waal to prevent flooding and increasing biodiversity. Or the use of paludiculture as an alternative to farming of peat meadows which release tons of co2. The possibilities in our country are endless.