Why in Nijmegen?

In the specialisation Ethics and Political Philosophy, you research the moral conflicts and ethical issues in contemporary Western culture and frame them against the backdrop of continental European philosophy. You will study ‘the political' as an essential but conflict-ridden aspect of the human condition, and how politics is a way of coping with the issues resulting from this. As a student in our Research Master Philosophy you will learn all the tools for a career in academics. You will be affiliated with the Center for Contemporary European Philosophy which offers you a chance to experience what it is like to work in a professional academic environment.

  • An ethical specialisation within philosophy is unique in the Netherlands and internationally it occupies a special position amidst the standard approaches of philosophical ethics.
  • This specialisation strongly focuses on fundamental concepts regarding freedom, politics, power, justice, conflict and struggle.
  • You’ll gain a normative as well as descriptive perspective on the issues that are addressed during this specialisation.
  • Our programme emphasises the acquiring of research skills for an academic career (PhD) and/or for professions with large social and political responsibilities.
  • As a research Master’s student, you’ll be affiliated with the Center for Contemporary European Philosophy, and will take part in activities of this research group, which connects the chair of Practical Philosophy with the chair of Fundamental Philosophy.
  • There is an international climate: more than half of the teaching staff and research Master’s students come from outside the Netherlands.
  • You have the possibility of doing a philosophical internship which will ‘test’ your academic knowledge in a business or social environment.
  • Our students rate this Master’s programme 7,6 out of 10 according to the National Student Survey 2022.

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F.C. Sophia

Studievereniging F.C. Sophia

F.C. Sophia is de studievereniging voor studenten van filosofie en PPS (Philosophy, Politics and Society) van de faculteit der Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen. F.C. Sophia organiseert filosofische en sociale activiteiten, zoals maandelijkse borrels, lunches, weekenden weg, spelletjes- en feestavonden, barbecues en meer.