Study programme Master's Human Geography: Europe: Borders, Identity and Governance


  • Courses

    The Master’s specialisation in Europe: Borders, Identity and Governance is taught at the Nijmegen School of Management. It has a course load of 60 EC* (one-year) and offers space for elective courses, with which students can give their programme their own personal finishing touch. 

    * European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): The workload of an academic year is equivalent to 60 European credits (EC), where 1 EC point is 28 hours of study.

    Curriculum Courses


In Human Geography a research internship is a mandatory part of the curriculum. It is not a separate course module, but it is integrated in the research project of the master thesis of 24 EC. With the support of your thesis supervisor you will be able to find a suitable hosting organization, with lists of former internships, partnership contracts and internship job applications. 

Study abroad

The Master’s programme is planned to last one year – three blocks with courses, one block writing the thesis. Studying abroad is not an integrated option. However, if you plan to do so, get in contact with the International Office about opportunities. Such a study abroad is possible but will delay your study progress.

Additional challenge

Do you want an extra challenge during your studies? Do you find it interesting to think about current, social themes from different academic perspectives? Discover what the Radboud Honours Academy has to offer to achieve your maximum potential during your time as a student.