Why study this programme?

  • This Master specialisation will give you an advanced understanding of hotly debated questions around borders, identities, and migration, with a special focus on one of the most prominent and contested b/ordering and othering policymakers of today, the EU.
  • We welcome students from all social sciences. Our approach is multidisciplinary and includes related fields as Border Studies, Migration Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Political Geography, Geopolitics, European Studies, Globalisation and Development Studies, History, and Conflict Studies.
  • Our lecturers are internationally recognised experts, with ample experience in education.
  • The lecturers are associated with the research centres Nijmegen Centre for Border Research (NCBR), Global–Local Divides and Connections (GLOCAL), and the Radboud University Network on Migrant Inclusion (RUNOMI).
  • Our department has multiple collaborations and partnerships with other European universities, such as with Madrid, Neuchâtel, Joensuu, Luxembourg, and Naples, as well as with various NGO’s, government departments and thinktanks in places like Lesbos, Brussels, Berlin, and Barcelona, giving you abundant internship opportunities.

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