Career prospects

Graduates with in-depth knowledge of European affairs are in high demand, so labour market prospects are particularly favourable. Potential positions include policy positions at the EU level, similar positions at ministries, local and regional authorities, interest groups and consultancies at national and sectoral level; anywhere where insights into the multi-level political arena is important, our graduates can find opportunities. Complex challenges such as migration and geopolitical instability require professionals with knowledge of the interplay between the EU and national politics and policies. Many policy areas have been fully or partly Europeanised, including trade, the environment and energy. This means EU policies have become a standard part of the work of many civil servants, creating substantial demand for graduates with knowledge of European affairs.

We prepare students for the labour market by focusing on professional skills and providing them with the opportunity to complete an internship. Students who wish to pursue careers in research can also combine this internship with an internal research project.

After your studies

Our graduates are well-equipped for positions as:

  • Policy maker at a government department or at the European institutions
  • Consultant at national or supranational institutions
  • Researcher

Labour market information

From the graduates of the Master’s programme in Political Science:

  • 71% found a job within 6 months after graduation.
  • 42% found a job within their field.
  • The gross starting salary based on 34 hours a week is € 2.650.

Source: Studiekeuze123 & Alumni Survey Radboud University 2022.

Radboud Career Service

You can always contact the Radboud Career Service or Career Service NSM. The Career Service offers students and young alumni guidance and support as they venture into the labour market. Career Service is available for career guidance, job application tips, or if you require information about internships and job vacancies.

Why stop learning after graduation?

Do you want to keep pace with the rapid progress in our current society after your studies? Then a post-master might be something for you. The Radboud Academy offers many opportunities for lifelong development.

Or do you want to learn to translate your academic skills into an actual job? Then you can participate in our Young Professional Programme after your master's (in Dutch).