Annet Colenbrander

Annet Colenbrander
What I really like about the Financial Economics programme is that there is also a focus on the behavioural side of finance.
Annet Colenbrander
Financial Economics
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Previous education
BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie - Radboud University

Annet Colenbrander is a Master's student Financial Economics.

What do you like about the programme/specialisation and why? How has the programme/specialisation challenged you (in relation to your previous education)?

What I really like about the Financial Economics programme is that there is also a focus on the behavioural side of finance and that you do not only learn the traditional theories of economics. The courses can sometimes be quite demanding in workload and a bit technical, so that is something to pay attention to when choosing this Master's.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class (for example the relationship between students and with the teachers/researchers)?

The atmosphere in class is very comfortable, the specialisation is quite small-scaled. This makes it easier to connect with your fellow students. The teachers are all also very approachable and helpful if you have any questions or struggles.

What do you find most challenging in your Master’s (specialisation)? Have you encountered any obstacles?

I think the most challenging part of my Master's is writing the thesis. It is a project with a lot of ups and downs and you really have to show what you have learned in your Bachelor's and Master's all at once.

Are you currently doing an internship? Or what is your thesis about?

I am writing my thesis on the effect of numerosity bias on the amount invested in risky assets. With an experiment I hope to find out whether showing the number of stocks besides the monetary amount induces the numerosity bias and therefore affects people's perception.

Why do you think is it important that there are people out there with this degree? What are your plans once have received your Master's degree?

Understanding financial markets and learning why crashes and bubbles exist and how to prevent them is important to ensure the economy remains healthy. Once I have received my Master's degree, I hope to find a traineeship in my field of study to gain a lot work experience in the first years.