Isis van der Heijden

Portrait Isis van der Heijden
You learn to look at equality and diversity issues from different angles.
Isis van der Heijden
Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Politics
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BA International Business Communication

Isis van der Heijden is a Master's student Political Science.

"When you look at the newspaper or talk shows on tv, people often talk about themes related to this master's specialisation. It shows that this programme is actual and relevant. You learn to look at equality and diversity issues from different angles: you will follow courses not only about Political Science, but also from Human Geography and Business Administration. So far, the programme taught me a great deal. I learned to substantiate where inequality comes from, but I also learned how it might be resolved in the future!

The group of people who chose this master is rather small so far, but I see it as an advantage. We have much more contact with our professors and teachers compared to the Bachelor's.

During your Master's there are not many contact hours, however, it takes a lot of time to prepare for your courses. In Political Science we often have discussions during seminars. If you do not come prepared, you cannot participate well. But if you do, seminars will be fun and you will learn a great deal.

I just started working on my thesis. I am still finding out what it is going to be exactly, but I want to write it about the relationship between stereotypical gender and sexuality roles and gender-based violence.

For too long people did not worry about discrimination based on gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity or age. I think it is great that we pay attention to this nowadays. And I am looking forward to contribute to change via my future job. Whatever it might be!"