Why study Global Communication and Diversity in Nijmegen?

This English-taught master’s programme provides you with the theoretical knowledge and practical tools to function as an independent communication specialist in organisations operating internationally and serving target groups with diverse backgrounds. You will learn how to conduct research into diversity in communication. You can put this academic training and expertise into practice with an internship in the field of your own choice, for example Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion in Communication, and International Marketing. Your goal is to optimize professional communication within and by organisations in international contexts, from a cross-cultural and intercultural perspective, and involving various target groups. Therefore, you will learn how factors such as culture, language choice, and diversity play a role in organisations’ communication with stakeholders in a global context, and how such factors can be taken into account in communication with different stakeholders with linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

  • This is a unique study programme in the Netherlands that focuses on linguistic and intercultural dimensions of organisational communication involving stakeholders with diverse backgrounds.
  • You are trained as a communication specialist with a broad, interdisciplinary orientation: our courses combine communication and information studies with insights from linguistics, communication sciences, social psychology, cultural anthropology, and crisis management.
  • You can gain practical experience in the labour market during an internship, in which you work towards solving a particular communication issue or answering a communication question for a company or organisation that operates internationally and/or serves diverse target groups.
  • Our education includes guest lectures by communication professionals, bringing together practice and science.
  • You can add a personal profile of your choice (of 30 EC), by means of the thematic areas Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion in Communication, and International Marketing.
  • In addition to choosing a specific profile (optional), you can also design your program flexibly by emphasizing practice or theory. For example, you can replace the internship with two additional electives of 10 EC.
  • Our teachers are also researchers at the Centre for Language Studies, enabling them to incorporate state-of-the-art research insights into their teaching.
  • This English-taught specialisation attracts students from the Netherlands and abroad. You will also be working with lecturers and researchers with international experience. This guarantees that your learning environment is international and multilingual, allowing you to further develop your intercultural competence, and providing you with useful networking opportunities towards an international career.
  • We are a relatively small programme (max. 50 students), so our seminars and lectures are intensive, collaborative, and interactive.

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