Why study Global Communication and Diversity in Nijmegen?

This English-taught master’s programme provides you with the theoretical knowledge and practical tools to function as an independent communication specialist in organisations with operating internationally and serving target groups with diverse backgrounds. You will learn how factors such as culture, language choice and diversity play a role in profit and non-profit organisations’ communication with stakeholders in a global context. You will learn how such factors can be taken into account to optimise communication with and between stakeholders with linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, both inside and outside the organisation.

  • This is a unique programme in the Netherlands that focuses on the cultural and linguistic dimensions of organisational communication involving stakeholders with diverse backgrounds.
  • You can do an internship in which you work towards solving a particular communication issue or answering a specific communication question for a company or organisation that operates internationally and serves target groups with diverse backgrounds.
  • This English-taught specialisation attracts students from the Netherlands and abroad. You’ll also be working with lecturers and researchers who have international experience. This guarantees that your learning environment is international and multilingual, allowing you to further develop your intercultural competence, and providing you with useful networking opportunities towards an international career.
  • We are a relatively small programme (max. 50 students), so our workshops and lectures are intensive, collaborative and interactive.
  • The focus of the programme is practical, as well as theoretical, which allows you to apply what you’ve learned in a variety of organisations after graduation, from profit, non-profit or (non)governmental organisations, to start-ups, SMEs or multinationals.
  • The programme provides you with insights into relevant themes such as diversity and communication, culture and communication, interpersonal intercultural communication, language strategy, communication in a diverse work environment, and international stakeholder communication.

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