Why study this programme?

This Master's specialisation in Economics helps you to understand today’s global economic and business landscape requires insights from both economics and business studies. Therefore, the specialisation Global Economics and Business combines both fields of study, focusing specifically on their relevance for firms that operate in an international environment.


Master's specialisation in Global Economics and Business

  • This specialisation teaches students that the success rate of cross border business is not just about economic principles but is also influenced by differences in institutions and culture of host and parent countries. Therefore, this Master’s specialisation focus not only on the firm's profitability, but also on the differences in formal rules (institutions) and informal customs and forms of communication (culture).
  • In this specialisation, we combine the latest economic theories with the cultural aspect of doing international business. Graduates will understand that doing business globally requires more than an understanding of economic principles and they will be able to give their future employees a new and fresh look on the process of globalisation and how their company can manoeuvre and position themselves in multiple countries and markets.
  • Students learn about different types of international investments, the role of (free) trade agreements and trade policies, the financial side of trading internationally, and the effects of internationalisation at the firm and country level.
  • We teach students to develop strategies and policies that successfully navigate the global economic landscape. Students are challenged to take an in-depth look at different options for expanding abroad: opening branches or factories, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.
  • Economics at Radboud University could be called ‘Economics Plus’: the ‘standard’ economics package is expanded on with relevant knowledge from related disciplines such as Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. With this strong theoretical background, you come to understand not just what is happening, but also how and why.

Why choose Radboud University

  • Our classes are small and interactive, and our professors are easily approachable. There is an open environment where you can easily come in contact with other students.
  • Our compact campus in Nijmegen is the greenest and most beautiful in the Netherlands where everything is within walking distance.
  • We encourage our students to take a multidisciplinary approach to their studies, and in many cases, you are free to customise your own programme, so you can learn about and research topics that you are passionate about.
  • You earn a valuable diploma in an outstanding university system. Furthermore, we stimulate and support the development of your critical skills in order to improve your chances in the job market within your field.

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