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Master's specialisation | Joint programme optionalGlobal Political Economy

Learn to understand and explain the interrelatedness of global politics and global economics. Uncover the power struggles behind policy choices in the field of trade, finance, climate and investment.

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  • Unique for the Netherlands, our programme is taught by both economists and political scientists.
  • Our lecturers incorporate the latest academic developments and practical issues.
  • Combining economics and political science courses, you will acquire the knowledge you need in order to resolve international policy issues and to get a better grip on the underlying political forces.
Why study this programme?

Admission requirements

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Admission and application

What will you learn

Global Political Economy at Radboud University teaches you to go beyond the surface of daily news and to disentangle deeper global structures of economic growth and the distribution of wealth and power that underlie today’s problems of global economic governance. We challenge you to not only understand and explain ‘the world’, but to view and assess it from the perspectives of different stakeholders, while understanding the social and economic structures and institutions enabling or hindering them in pursuing their objectives.

Study programme

Future career opportunities

Alumni of the programme have all the competences required by employers, which makes them well suited for jobs as: 

  • Policymaker in governments or international organisations
  • Policymaker in market authorities
  • European Parliament or European Commission
  • Consultant for example for a non-profit organisation or a business

Career prospects


To indicate the type of research in this specialisation, a few examples:

  • Does the growing influence of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) change the way the global political economy is governed?
  • What are the political roots of global trade and finance?
  • What is the impact of the international economy on inequality and development?

Questions about this programme?

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.