MasterGlobalisation, Migration and Development

Investigate the effects of globalisation and migration processes on economies, societies and resources on different parts of the world. The main focus lies on the Global South and its interaction with the Global North.

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  • Our approach is highly multidisciplinary and relates to fields such as sociology, development studies and political science.
  • The main focus lies on the Global South and its interaction with the Global North.
  • We particularly emphasise the relationship with urban contexts of globalisation, but also focus on linkages to rural developments.
Why study this programme?

Admission requirements

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Admission and application
This specialisation challenged me in the way that sometimes topics are explored in a different way.
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What will you learn

In the Master’s specialisation in Globalisation, Migration and Development you’ll study the various dimensions and aspects of globalisation and migration. The main aim is to gain a better understanding of the changing relationships of global and local societies through the rise of social and spatial inequalities. You’ll come to learn that these are brought about by global processes, migration and mobility and the emergence of transnational identities, which may contrast with local orientations that may be part of the same multicultural societies.​

Curriculum and courses

Future career opportunities

This Master’s prepares you for a career as:

  • Policy advisor on development issues
  • Practitioner for an NGO
  • Field officer for Fair Trade
  • Policy development expert for Provincial Governments

After your studies


To indicate the type of research in this specialisation, a few examples:

  • What is the role of international migration in national development of countries in the Global South?
  • How important is the informal economy in urban development?
  • What is the impact of globalised trade on agricultural developments and rural livelihoods?
  • What is the role of global policy interventions through programmes such as the Sustainable Development Goals, World Bank & IMF reforms, and good governance on local livelihoods (urban and rural)?

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