The added value of a Master’s degree

It can be a difficult decision to make when it comes to deciding whether you will do a Master’s. Once you have obtained your university Bachelor’s degree or Higher Professional Bachelor’s degree, you will have completed your education. You may then choose to either start working or to continue studying by following a Master’s programme at the university.

A university Master’s degree can offer you the following advantages:

  • You will specialise in one area and broaden your knowledge. You will obtain a corresponding Master’s title (e.g. MSc), which proves that you are an expert in your field of study;
  • Thanks to the extra knowledge and experience that you will have gained during your Master’s programme, you will often have more career opportunities and be able to earn a higher salary in the future. The extent of your salary will depend on the sector where you work; 
  • You will broaden your knowledge and gain new insights. You can even choose a whole new discipline by taking a Master’s from a different programme, or by taking a Master’s at a different faculty or educational institution than where you took your Bachelor’s;
  • If you originally completed a Higher Professional Degree programme, the academic skills that you acquire during your Master’s will form an excellent addition to your practical skills;
  • If you wish to go into research, you will need to have completed a university Master’s degree.

Something for you?

Whether getting a Master's degree is the right choice for you also depends on which Master's programme you are considering. Are you curious about the career prospects of a specific Master's? Then go to the Master's programme of your interest and visit the page 'Career prospects'. You will also often find the average starting salary for that specific Master's there.

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