Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies (research)

This Research Master's programme combines joint interdisciplinary training with disciplinary courses in one of the specialisations: Historical Studies, Literary Studies, or Art and Visual Culture. It has a distinct focus on research-related knowledge and skills, and places emphasis on the theoretical and methodological aspects of the humanities in order to contribute to academic depth, interdisciplinarity and future flexibility. Students are trained to gain a deep understanding of the complexities of Europe in a changing and globalising world, and of the changing world of which Europe forms a part.

This Master's programme prepares for professional positions that require advanced academic competence. It will equip you with skills requisite for such positions in the Netherlands and abroad, in and outside of academia.


  • Art and Visual Culture (research)

    Whether you wish to specialise in the study of artworks, artefacts, advertising, or social media, the Art and Visual Culture specialisation will equip you to thoroughly research and analyse visual culture.

  • Historical Studies (research)

    The Historical Studies specialisation is dedicated to rigorous historical research in order to obtain a deep understanding of developments of the past and to help us evaluate the merits of modern reinterpretations.

  • Literary Studies (research)

    In the Master's specialisation Literary Studies you will learn develop new insights that will contribute to a better understanding of literary texts and how they function within society.