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Study programme Historical Studies year 1

Study year

In your first year of the research master’s specialisation in Historical Studies, which has a course load of 60 EC, you will follow interdisciplinary courses, Historical Studies specialisation courses, courses offered by National Research Schools, and free electives.

Total EC
60 EC

Interdisciplinary courses

Our programme is unique in that six interdisciplinary courses (30 EC in total) bring together students of the three research master’s specialisations. Besides students of Historical Studies, students in Art and Visual Culture and in Literary Studies will participate in the following courses:

  • Becoming an Academic Professional
  • Theoretical Turns 
  • Methods & Techniques
  • Preparatory Thesis Course
  • Beyond Academia: Engaging in Contemporary Debates in the Humanities
  • Inside Academia: Research in Practice
  • Academic Writing Workshops

These courses firstly encourage and support you in the process of orienting and positioning yourself as an academic. Secondly, they are specifically designed to consider and reflect on the position of your discipline in the interdisciplinary context of historical and contemporary humanities discourses.

Historical Studies courses

The specialisation consists of the following two courses that are compulsory for students of the research master’s specialisation in Historical Studies:

  • Sources of Historical Research
  • Violence: Historical Perspectives

Individual examination programme

During the first year, there is room to personalise your programme and choose the courses that you’re interested in (20 EC). This individual programme consists of two main components:

  • Courses offered by National Research Schools (10 EC)
  • Elective courses (10 EC):
    • Research master’s courses offered by any Dutch university
    • Regular master’s courses offered by any Dutch university
    • Humanities Data Analysis course developed for and offered by research master’s HLCS
    • Courses (master classes/workshops/seminars) offered by Radboud University’s Graduate School of Humanities

Your tutor will help you select the courses and create a programme tailored to your interests.