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Study programme Historical Studies year 2

Study year

The second year of the Research Master's Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies consists of the same courses for all three specialisations. The majority of your second year will be related to research. The semesters in year two are interchangeable.

Currently, the programme of this research master’s is being revised. However, the core aspects of the programme will be maintained. These core aspects are:

  • A combination of interdisciplinary courses, specialization courses and electives
  • Tutoring by experienced researchers of the Radboud Institute of Culture and History (RICH)
  • International study abroad or international internship

Students who intend to apply for enrollment in 2023-2024 can consult this page in order to get an impression of their study programme. Check for revisions of the programme on this page, which will be updated regularly.

About this study curriculum

International Research training (study abroad or internship)

The content of the training is fully tailored to the student’s research interests in consultation with the tutor. It consists of a research internship and/or specialised courses taken at a university or institute abroad. In certain exceptional cases, these courses or this research internship can also be followed in the Netherlands.

Master’s Thesis & Project

Your Master's thesis is the product of an individual research project, which allows you to investigate a topic of your choice under the close supervision of one or more members of our expert staff.

For your project you choose a form and audience(s) in alignment with your professional ambition and potential future work field(s), inside or outside academia. The project enables you to define and present the way(s) in which you aim to use this research master’s as stepping stone in your career. The presentation of your project brings you into contact with alumni of this programme and other interested parties.

Total EC
60 EC
Compulsory courses
Thesis & research
  1. P1
  2. P2
  3. P3
  4. P4