During the Master’s in History, you’ll develop a set of academic skills such as being able to collect different sources and critically analyse them, to interpretate data and to form a constructive argument. You’ll also learn how to clearly present research results and how to enter into a debate with historians and other interested parties.


  • Politics and Parliament

    The Master’s programme in Politics and Parliament will teach you about placing political phenomena in a historical context while focusing on the legal foundations and practical frameworks. This will enable you to discuss and address political issues.

  • Modern and Contemporary History

    In the Master’s programme in Modern and Contemporary History, you will examine the tensions between current events and history from 1500 up until now. Why do people deal with history in a certain way? What does this tell us about the present age?

  • Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds

    The Master’s specialisation in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds offers you a unique approach by looking at ancient and medieval history, Byzantium, the Islamic world and Western Europe in contact and conflict.


  • Pre-master Politiek en Parlement

    Kun je niet direct instromen in de master Politiek en Parlement? Dan kom je wellicht in aanmerking voor een pre-master. In de pre-master Politiek en Parlement maak je kennis met de basis van de politieke geschiedenis.

  • Pre-Master's History

    If you are not able to directly enroll in the Master’s specialisation in History, you may be eligible for the pre-Master’s programme, in which you will learn about the basics of history.

  • Pre-Master's Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds

    If you do not have the right Bachelor's degree for our Master’s specialisation Ancient and Medieval Medieval Mediterranean Worlds, you can in some cases apply for our pre-Master’s programme.