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Master's specialisationHistory of Church and Theology

Students of the Master’s specialisation in Church History are trained to investigate historical developments with a critical and analytical eye.

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  • Radboud University’s specialisation in History of Church and Theology distinguishes itself by combining the study of the history of Christianity with Canon Law. 
  • Our students have very diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.
  • This programme is not just geared towards Europe but also places developments in a global perspective.
  • Low tuition fees 
Why in Nijmegen?

Admission requirements

Do you want to know if you can be admitted? Read more about the admission requirements of this programme.

Admission and application

What will you learn

In this specialisation, you study the historical developments of Christian traditions and discipline, so as to understand Christian belief in contemporary society better.

History is not a fixed entity. Re-examining long-existing sources could lead to new insights on the course of events. Students are made to understand what we now consider an axiom was not always so and students are given the tools to discover axioms of the past so they can better understand sources of the past. Students will learn to make sound and historical analyses by taking familiar sources but asking new questions, by finding and analysing long forgotten sources and by re-examining sources but taking into account the cultural context of the time it was produced. Their analyses could give new light on historical events that in turn could give us new insights on current societal and cultural issues

Radboud University’s Master’s specialisation in History of Church and Theology is unique in that it combines the study of the history of Christianity with the study of the juridical system of the Roman Catholic Church. Students will learn how to interpret historical sources of all ages, by analysing them with knowledge of the culture and values of the era in which they were produced.

Study Programme

Future career opportunities

The Master’s programme in Theology strongly enhances career prospects by allowing students to focus on one professional path in their third year: research, education, spiritual care or religion and policy.

The academic research profile (English) provides students with an extensive background in academic research within the field of church history. You are qualified to continue with a doctoral programme at various universities in the European Union or in other parts of the world. Radboud University’s Special Faculty of Theology has some vacancies for junior researchers. You can also make private arrangements with one of the chairs of the faculty or its affiliated organisations to study as an external doctoral candidate.

Students who obtained a Master of Arts degree in Theology at Radboud University are employed in various leadership positions in dioceses, religious congregations, universities and colleges.

The education profile (Dutch) helps Master’s students receive the qualification to teach at secondary level in the Netherlands. With this degree you can teach all years of HAVO and VWO level.

The religion and policy profile (Dutch) prepares students for jobs as policy makers on topics where religion and social issues meet. Students could work for both religious organisations (churches, schools, healthcare institutions) and social institutions (municipalities, businesses) that have to deal with religion.

The spiritual care profile (Dutch) teaches students the necessary skills for a professional within the field of religious care, specifically those for spiritual care. This professional profile has been accredited by the Vereniging van Geestelijk Verzorgers in Zorginstellingen (VGVZ) and by the Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Geestelijke Verzorging (SKGV).

And more

Besides the above-mentioned professions, graduates of the Master’s specialisation in Church History can also choose careers as journalists, museum curators, librarians and archivists.

Career prospects


Within the chair of History of Church and Theology and the History of Christianity we study the history of Christians on the basis of historical methods and in critical deliberation with the other disciplines within theology and religious studies.

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.