Why study History of Philosophy and Science in Nijmegen?

Nijmegen’s Center for the History of Philosophy and Science is the world’s only research center that combines the history of philosophy with that of science. As a student in the Research Master's Programme in the History of Philosophy and Science you get the chance to experience what it is like to be part of a tight knit research group that works at the forefront of the world's research on the relation between philosophy and science.

  • Thanks to our large staff (7 professors plus a dozen of senior and junior research fellows), we offer a broad choice of courses, seminars and tutorials in the history of philosophy and science, covering all ages of the history of philosophy (and science).
  • Our tenured staff, postdocs and doctoral students come from various countries and represent different philosophical currents, including analytic and continental approaches. You will therefore be working in a lively, international environment.
  • As a Research Master’s student, you will be affiliated with the Centre for the History of Philosophy and Science, whose research has been top-ranked in the field in past national evaluations (2006 and 2013).
  • One of our staff members will guide you through the entire programme as your personal supervisor.
  • Our programme emphasises the acquisition of research skills, including publishing and lecturing.
  • Our programme offers an excellent preparation for post-graduate life, because of the specialised character of the Research Master's thesis, which is composed of a publishable article and a PhD research proposal.
  • We encourage students to go abroad for a semester or summer school. Our staff has a large network that you can use to find a position that most meets your interests.
  • Our students rate this Master’s programme 7,6 out of 10 according to the National Student Survey 2022.
  • You will also generally benefit from the advantages of the Master’s programme in Philosophy.