Anna Khalizieva

Anna Khalizieva
Professors are always ready to help and answer all of the questions, actually they encourage us to ask questions and not to be shy.
Anna Khalizieva
Human Biology
Country of previous education
Previous education
Bachelor's Biomedical Science at HAN University of Applies Sciences

Anna Khalizieva is a second-year Master's student Human Biology at Radboud University.

What do you like about the specialisation and why? 

I really like my programme because it gives freedom to choose classes that really interest me so I have a choice between courses that are more relevant for my future career. I also think that professors do a great job trying to engage with students and draw the attention with great examples from real life research that gives an idea of what it is like in a real laboratory. The courses can be challenging at times because they require not only memorisation of the theory but also how this theory can be used in the lab and how it can be applied in the research. This really gives a feeling that what we are learning is a very useful tool that we can use in our future careers.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

Professors are always ready to help and answer all the questions, actually they encourage us to ask questions and not to be shy. The class consists of people from different countries but of course the majority is Dutch students. This really taught me a lot about how it is important to work in this international atmosphere because at times it can be difficult to adjust to everyone's work habits especially when it comes to the group work. Nevertheless, working with people not from my country really taught me a lot and gave me a valuable experience in communication and group organisation.

What do you find most challenging in your Master’s specialisation?

I found some courses rather hard as it really required be to get a full understanding of the topic and not only the theory memorisation. Sometimes I struggle with implementing theory in practice, therefore, in courses where you have to implement theory in experimental design I struggled the most.

Are you currently doing an internship?

Currently I am doing my first Master's internship on the project concerning Paediatric Nephrology. I really find myself enjoying doing research and this really inspires me to continue do research after my graduation.

What are your plans once have received your Master's degree?

I think this degree gives freedom to learn whatever you are interested in so you can really tailor the programme according to your interest, so as a young professional you come out with knowledge on various topics in the biomedical field. After graduation I see myself possibly doing a PhD in the field of paediatric oncology, which really inspires me to work hard now and gain all the useful knowledge that I can later on implement in my own research.