Wim Fechner

Portrait Wim Fechner
Information Security and Law in Cyberspace are particularly good courses.
Wim Fechner
Information Sciences
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Current role
Former student Information Sciences
Previous education
Bachelor's Information Science at Utrecht University

Wim Fechner is a former Master's student Information Sciences at Radboud University. In the last year of the programme Wim wrote a testimonial about the Master's and atmosphere in Nijmegen. 

What do you like about the Master's programme and why?

Information Security and Law in Cyberspace were particularly good courses. Also research methods had a good approach.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

It is great and the teachers are good.

What is your thesis about?

Recommender systems in online shopping environments.

Why do you think is it important that there are people out there with this degree?

It is a good balance between organizational courses and IT courses. It is useful for a lot of things, such as consultancy.