Juan Pablo Garza

Juan Pablo Garza
Teachers are always willing to help you and guide you in any way.
Juan Pablo Garza
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Marketing and Communication at Tec de Monterrey

Juan Pablo Garza is a Master's student Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

'What I like most about the Master's degree is that it has a managerial approach in all the classes that cover the curriculum. From marketing to innovation, finance, and business. This allows you to acquire knowledge about how you should manage a team or business, whether in your own company/start-up or within an international corporation.

Even though we are a big group with only three internationals, the Dutch students and professors have been extremely welcoming. This has allowed me to immerse myself in the Dutch culture and meet incredible people. Teachers are always willing to help you and guide you in any way.

The most challenging part of the Master's degree is being able to apply all the knowledge to your professional life. It can be easy to learn the theoretical side of entrepreneurship, but to apply it and start your own start-up requires more than just courage, but also a strategic mindset and many other skills.

For my Master's thesis, I am researching the effect that some design features have on the consumer experience when communicating through brand chatbots. In recent years, chatbots have become an essential tool for brands to connect with their consumers and I am very interested in researching and mastering the topic.

Brand building and innovations have always been my passion. After the Master's degree, I would like to continue working in brand management and eventually create my own company with sustainable brands that generate a positive impact in global societies.'