Why study this programme?

Do you want to understand how organisations can grow through innovation processes and what kind of people are needed in the company to accomplish this? During this Master's specialisation you will learn about the commercialisation of new ideas, high-tech innovations, business developments and tapping into new markets.


Master's specialisation in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • This specialisation has a unique focus on innovation and entrepreneurship beyond organisational borders. We teach a multidisciplinary approach of organisations with respect to their internal processes as well as their interaction with their environment.
  • We offer theory-and-action based learning. Students learn to connect academic theories and empirical research to real-world problems and develop their academic as well as practical skills. We stimulate students' development of entrepreneurial skills.
  • Corporate social responsibility is the corner stone of all our Business Administration specialisations. We work from a societal, organisational and scientific urgency.
  • We believe in the power of intervention methodologies, which take the needs of different players into account and thus increase the likelihood of positive results. To do this, you’ll learn a lot of in-depth research methodology, which is challenging but attainable, as you’ll never lose sight of their practical implications.


Why choose Radboud University

  • Our classes are small and interactive, and our professors are easily approachable. There is an open environment where you can easily come in contact with other students.
  • Our compact campus in Nijmegen is the greenest and most beautiful in the Netherlands where everything is within walking distance.
  • We encourage our students to take a multidisciplinary approach to their studies, and in many cases, you are free to customise your own programme, so you can learn about and research topics that you are passionate about.
  • You earn a valuable diploma in an outstanding university system. Furthermore, we stimulate and support the development of your critical skills in order to improve your chances in the job market within your field.

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Why choose Radboud University