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This specialisation of Business Administration will provide you with the tools and insights required to understand the complex and dynamic environments in which multinationals operate, by combining insights from economics and business administration.

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  • You learn to understand institutional and cultural factors that impact international business activity
  • Take an in-depth look at different options for expanding abroad
  • Familiarity with ways of balancing expectations of diverse stakeholders in foreign countries
  • You will be offered a strategic perspective on ways of gaining a competitive advantage in the global marketplace that aim to create both economic and social value.
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Admission requirements

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Operating at the edge of Business Administration and Economics is challenging but interesting, and it really adds to your academic career.
Kim Gravemaker
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What will you learn

In the Master's specialisation in International Business, you learn about different types of international investments, the role of (free) trade agreements and trade policies, the financial side of trading internationally, and the effects of internationalisation at the firm and country level. This suggests adopting a balanced outlook on relations with market and nonmarket stakeholders for a sustainable performance, seeking responsiveness and global efficiencies in marketing efforts, and innovating in emerging and developing markets.

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Future career opportunities

With a strong analytical attitude, empirical skills and broad knowledge of the field, alumni are well prepared for a career as:

  • Consultant for or at internationally operating firms
  • Policy maker at (supra)-national governmental agencies
  • Advisor at international trade agencies and regulators

Career prospects


To indicate the type of research in this specialisation, a few examples:

  • What is the impact of intra-firm networks and geography on a firm's innovation performance?
  • What is the influence of institutions on strategies of multinational enterprises?
  • How do multinationals innovatively address institutional voids in emerging and developing markets?
  • What can we say about the management of multibusiness firms in terms of structure, management systems and leadership?

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.