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Dual degree

University of Glasgow

Do you want to reinforce your credibility and knowledge in International Business? Are you interested in a year abroad? In that case, the Dual Degree Programme with the Adam Smith Business School - University of Glasgow might be something for you! Upon completion of the programme, you will receive a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration with a specialisation in International Business from Radboud University and a Master of Science (MSc) in Economic Development from the University of Glasgow. This programme consists of a total of 150 EC credits. The Master's Thesis within the dual degree programme is a joint thesis and will be coordinated by both universities.

Something for you?

  • You will have a convenient way to satisfy your intellectual curiosity for more than just one field of study. The specialisation in International Business at Radboud University will strengthen your multinational management acumen for the creation of social and economic value in emerging and developing economies. While the specialised degree at Glasgow will increase your awareness of and ways of addressing social and developmental problems in these economies in terms of policymaking.
  • You will receive a much more comprehensive outlook on the world of business, bringing both the firm and the institutional elements together. You will gain better insights into multinationals, emerging market SMEs and transnational institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and UN.
  • You will make yourself a more desirable hire. Employers are drawn to candidates who show a desire to learn more and have international experience. The dual degree offers the springboard needed to help increase your chance of enhancing your career opportunities. With internship or consultancy projects during your study, you can put theory into practice and build and maintain your network.

About this study curriculum

More information about the Radboud University study programme and the courses can be found on the Study Programme page.

More information about the University of Glasgow study programme and the courses can be found on the website of the University of Glasgow

Admission and Application

To apply for admission to the Dual Degree Programme, you first have to apply to the programme at Radboud University. This can be done by following the regular application procedure. The application procedure for the dual degree programme starts after you are admitted to the International Business specialisation at Radboud University, more information can be found here. The dual degree programme has a limited number of places available. Please contact master [at] (master[at]fm[dot]ru[dot]nl) in case you have any questions regarding the application procedure for the dual degree programme.

Tuition fee

Students pay tuition fees to each partner. University of Glasgow undergraduate alumni from outside the EU/EEA, who apply for the two year collaborative programme, will be eligible for a partial tuition fee scholarship on the international tuition fee when they are at Radboud University. If the student later decides not to go to Glasow in the second year they will be required to pay the remaining international tuition fees in order to complete their Radboud Degree. 

In year 2, students from outside the UK, who are studying the two year collaborative programme, will be eligible for a partial tuition fee scholarship at the University of Glasgow. 

Year 1 Radboud:

Students will be required to pay either the legal tuition fees or the institutional tuition fees. In order to find out which fees are applicable to your situation, please visit the tuition fee page.

Glasgow undergraduate alumni pay the institutional fees minus 40%, which is covered by the partial tuition fee scholarship. 

Year 2 Glasgow:

UK students pay the home fees, Non-UK students pay international fees minus 40%, which is covered by the partial tuition fee scholarship. Please find more information on the University of Glasgow’s tuition fee page.

Housing and Visa

When going abroad to study in the UK you might require a Visa. More information about this visa can be found on the visa webpage. More information about housing in Glasgow can be found on the housing page.