Marie-Therese Rezko

Portrait Marie-Therese Rezko
I could simply say that I enjoyed all classes.
Marie-Therese Rezko
International Economics and Development
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Previous education
Business Administration (Radboud University)

Sudent Marie-Therese Rezko is following the Master's programme International Economics & Development. 

'I had the chance to delve more into what I choose to be my specialisation. Development topics were discussed in various ways, along with a special focus on the society-economy relationship. Research and analysis skills are what I needed and what I gained from my master, so far. Coming from a developing country, my view was mostly at a micro level, my specialisation in this master's degree has taught me a great deal, to look at things from a broader view, a macro view.

I could simply say that I enjoyed all classes, it is different from classes I had in my pre-master year or even in the bachelor's program. There's is more room to apply your experience to academic content, there's a greater possibility to discuss various topics with your classmates and not only teacher-student discussion.

Only a small thing, the transmission from exam-based assessment to research-based assessment took me some time to adapt to. I must say that writing papers, research, and analysis are way more exciting than any exam I've been to.

I am preparing my thesis now, my topic was accepted to study the effect of international economic sanctions on humanitarian work in Syria. It is going to be a case study based on interviews I will conduct with different entities.

Having such a degree allows the different organisations to develop a more accurate service. People with this degree are those who transfer academic knowledge to the field, mainly, to create the best combo between theory and practical life. I think a master's degree is important to specify your position in life, I mean, it equips you with the needed materials to pursue a career in your preferred specialisation. My plan is to be a consultant, to specialise in economic development and human capital.'