Carlijn Geerdink

Carlijn Geerdink
The professors encouraged me to develop a critical, multi-faceted attitude and made sure that there was a positive learning environment.
Carlijn Geerdink
International Political Economy | Economics
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Public Administration, Radboud University

Carlijn Geerdink is a Master's student International Political Economy.

"The combination of international economics and political science really triggered my attention. While my previous academic education focused on policymaking in general, I wanted to specialise in economic policy with the underlying structural effects on welfare distribution. This master's programme offers exactly that. It challenges you to think about the political and economic interlinkages on topics such as (financial) market regulations, global trade and debt patterns. Zooming in on global economic governance while simultaneously offering multiple angels was fascinating and challenged me to change my perspective many times.

The professors are very passionate about this Master’s specialisation and their research domain within it. They encouraged me to develop a critical, multi-faceted attitude and made sure that there was a positive learning environment. Due to the relative small size of this specialisation, there exists an easiness towards email contact and all professors are very approachable for questions.

During this master's specialisation, I became very interested in the link between finance and society. Therefore, I wrote my thesis on non-performing loan securities and its societal impact. I used a political science perspective on the issue, which makes it a good example of the combination between (financial) economics and political science.

The skills I learned during this specialisation will be of great value to me for the rest of my (professional) life. I think it is important that there are political economists in the field to design and develop future-oriented economic or financial policies, while keeping a critical eye for its effects on society.

For me personally, the acquired interest in finance and society is still and hopefully always will be visible in my professional life. After I obtained my degree, I got a position as a Trainee Financial Advisor at a partnership between municipalities, the police, fire brigade and medical care in the region of Flevoland. My department is responsible for financial administration, developing financial policy, drawing up the budget, management reports and the annual accounts."