Study programme Master's Economics: International Political Economy


  • Courses

    This one-year programme has a course load of 60 EC. Each module is worth 6 EC and the Master’s thesis is worth 18 EC. The structure is as follows:

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  • Dual degree

    Do you want to take on an extra challenge after your Master's degree in Political Science at Radboud University? Then a Dual degree might be something for you! In a Dual degree programme, you will follow two Master's programmes. One at Radboud University and one abroad. We offer one Dual degree for International Political Economy.

    Something for you?

    The Dual degree programme Global Political Economy makes you understand world politics better on the basis of how economies are organised and governed. This programme is taught by scholars who are internationally known for their stellar research.

    What will you learn?

    The Dual Degree Political Economy...

    • Introduces you to heterodox nature of the field, going beyond mainstream theories and research
    • Conveys in-depth insights and knowledge into themes like recurring capitalist crises, the influence and power of Big Tech and platform economies, how gig work is affecting people's lives, how and why the pandemic has disrupted global value chains, monetary politics and inflation, how technological innovations like blockchain are changing our economies, why inequality and poverty persist, ​and many more pressing contemporary issues.
    • Equipes you theoretically and methodologically to conduct research on any IPE theme in an independent fashion
    • Is interactively taught, challenging you to ask questions and conquer new themes
    • Trains you in variegated research and diverse writing formats
    • Allows you to deepen out a theme of your choice in the final thesis
    • Opens up new career perspectives in the private, governmental or non-governmental sector
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Internships are not a standard part of the curriculum, but we heartily support any student who wishes to do the extra work and do an internship. In as far we can, we will assist in finding a suitable position in the Netherlands or abroad.

Study abroad

The Master’s programme is planned to last one year – three blocks with courses, one block writing the thesis. Studying abroad is not an integrated option. However, if you plan to do so, get in contact with the International Office about opportunities. Such a study abroad is possible but will delay your study progress.

Additional challenge

Do you want an extra challenge during your studies? Do you find it interesting to think about current, social themes from different academic perspectives? Discover what the Radboud Honours Academy has to offer to achieve your maximum potential during your time as a student.