Career prospects

After your studies

This programme prepares for jobs in which linguistic knowledge is applied. Language Variation and Multilingualism offers you an intensive learning experience in both linguistics and/or a particular second language. This will further enhance your language skills and may allow you to pursue a career working in both your native language and the second language.

Possible occupations

  • Variety of occupations in language policy
  • Variety of occupations in language testing
  • Communication consultant
  • Journalist
  • Translator
  • Variety of occupations in language technology
  • Developer of educational materials
  • Researcher


If you'd like to pursue a career in education, you can follow one of the Language and Culture Teaching programmes (in Dutch) at the Radboud Teachers Academy Make sure that you inquire about their admission rules, as completing Language Variation and Multilingualism does not give you automatic access.

Radboud Career Service

You can always contact the Radboud Career Service. The Career Service offers students and young alumni guidance and support as they venture into the labour market. Career Service is available for career guidance, job application tips, or if you require information about internships and job vacancies.

Why stop learning after graduation?

Do you want to keep pace with the rapid progress in our current society after your studies? Then a post-master might be something for you. The Radboud Academy offers many opportunities for lifelong development.

Or do you want to learn to translate your academic skills into an actual job? Then you can participate in our Young Professional Programme after your master's (in Dutch).