All lecturers within the programme are affiliated with the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). This institute does nationally and internationally acclaimed cutting-edge research in the field of linguistics. The institute aims to gain a deeper understanding of the architecture of the language system and its interactions with processes at the individual and the socio-cultural level. Research conducted at CLS often results in valuable solutions for real-life problems with respect to language and communication.

Master’s thesis topics

The research topic of your Master’s thesis can be linked to or embedded in the research of the institute, and it can be combined with an internship at the research institute or elsewhere. As a Master’s student of Linguistics you have plenty of freedom to choose your own topic. A sample of fields of linguistics in which you could do your Master’s research:

  • First or second language acquisition
  • Bilingualism and heritage languages
  • Sociolinguistic differences between genders
  • Social media communication
  • A comparison of two translations (one of which can be your own)
  • Idiomatic expressions in translations
  • The structure of language
  • Influence of social relationships on language
  • Language attitudes towards, for example, Scottish
  • Cross-cultural and/or inter-cultural politeness


The CLS institute also offers regular colloquia, which students are strongly encouraged to attend. All research groups are represented in the audience. The colloquium also offers a chance to meet students and researchers from throughout the institute and to discuss the topic in an informal setting after the main presentation.