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Study programme of Language Variation and Multilingualism

Language Variation and Multilingualism is taught at the Faculty of Arts. It has a course load of 60 EC* (one-year). Courses are typically 5 EC, the obligatory internship is 10 EC and the Master’s Thesis is 20 EC. The programme offers you the opportunity to pick and choose those courses that interest you the most. If your relevant language proficiency is good enough, you can also choose language-specific courses.


  • Courses

    The programme of Language Variation and Multilingualism consists of 60 EC. You’ll follow one compulsory course and will be able to choose elective courses of 25 EC. Throughout the year you’ll do an internship (10 EC) and will complete your Master’s programme with a Master’s Thesis (20 EC). Here you can find an overview of the courses of the Master's programme Language Variation and Multiligualism.

    Curriculum Courses

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