Language Variation and Multilingualism

Master's specialisationLanguage Variation and Multilingualism

In this Master's specialisation, you learn to become a competent linguist who has an understanding of language variation and multilingualism, two central and interrelated topics within linguistics.

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Something for you?

  • You'll have noticeable freedom in creating your own programme.
  • You'll have the opportunity to do an internship as part of your programme.
  • The programme is connected to the research carried out at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS).
  • You will be part of an international classroom, coming into contact with different languages.
Why in Nijmegen?

Admission requirements

Do you want to know if you can be admitted? Read more about the admission requirements of this programme.

Admission requirements
It is an international programme and class so the students are mostly international.
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What will you learn

The Master Language Variation and Multilingualism at Radboud University explores linguistic diversity and multilingualism from theoretical, sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic perspectives, thereby allowing students to have a full grasp on these topics and their relation. Courses generally offer a nice mix of theoretical and practical knowledge: they for instance situate insights from linguistic and language acquisition theory within the context of everyday communication and contemporary language use. For those with sufficient language proficiency, students can also integrate language-specific linguistics courses in Dutch, German, French and Spanish from the Masterlanguage programme, which offers linguistics courses in English, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish that Radboud organises in collaboration with other Dutch universities. Language Variation and Multilingualism offers you the opportunity to pick and choose those courses that interest you the most, thereby allowing you to create the profile that you desire.

Study programme

Future career opportunities

This programme prepares for jobs in which linguistic knowledge is applied. Language Variation and Multilingualism offers you an intensive learning experience in both linguistics and/or a particular second language. This will further enhance your language skills and may allow you to pursue a career working in both your native language and the second language.

Career prospects


All lecturers within the programme are affiliated with the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). This institute does nationally and internationally acclaimed cutting-edge research in the field of linguistics.


Questions about this programme?

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.