All programme courses taught at Radboud University are affiliated with the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). This institute is involved in nationally and internationally acclaimed cutting-edge research in the field of linguistics. The institute aims to gain a deeper understanding of the architecture of the language system and its interactions with processes at the individual and the social cultural level. Research conducted at CLS often results in valuable solutions for real-life problems in communication.

Master’s thesis topics

Your Master's thesis consists of an individual research project, which allows you to investigate a topic of your choice in linguistics and/or communication studies. The topic can be linked to or embedded in research of CLS or another research institute on the Nijmegen campus, such as the Max Planck Institute for PsycholinguisticsDonders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, or the Baby Research Center. It’s also possible to carry out a Master’s project at another university, or at a company or governmental organisation. A Master’s project and thesis will always be (co)supervised by one of our members of staff.

Examples of thesis topics that students in this programme have investigated are:

  • We see what we hear; sometimes we hear what we see
  • Fine-tuning Transformer models for the automatic detection of Italian fake
  • Language Choice and Language Learning: The Family Language Policies of Parents with a Refugee Background in the Netherlands
  • “A Banana, a Chicken, and a Gun Wander into a Continent…”: A Reanalysis of Nordenskiöld’s 1922 Data on South American Loanwords and Wanderwörter
  • A Tale of Two Platforms: A Comparative Analysis of Language Use in Consumer Complaints on Reddit and Spotify Community
  • The Role of Individual Differences in the Ability of Generalising Compositional Meaning
  • The effect of sleep on the consolidation of episodic and semantic memories in a naturalistic learning task
  • Mapping and modelling word-final n-deletion in Dutch using Twitter data