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Whenever we use language – whether it’s written, spoken or signed – we’re communicating. How does this work, and how and why does miscommunication occur? How does language fit together and how do we learn to understand each other?

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  • You'll develop a unique professional profile by specialising in an area that meets your interests and research ambitions.
  • You’ll gain substantial hands-on research experience during two lab rotations.
  • Radboud University has excellent facilities for doing research.
  • In the Keuzegids Masters 2024 students rate this programme above average compared to the national average.
Why in Nijmegen?

Admission requirements

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Admission requirements
I will particularly study the impact of pronouns of address in Spanish and French and, hopefully, visit France to gain more experience with testing participants myself!
Elsa Opheij
Elsa Opheij Student Read Elsa's story
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What will you learn

The Research Master’s programme in Linguistics and Communication Sciences offers a multidisciplinary perspective on how the fields of linguistics and communication studies complement one another. This approach is unique in the Netherlands. This Research Master’s programme focuses strongly on empirical research. You’ll study language in real-life situations and use your observations to develop possible theories. Later, you’ll test these theories against everyday reality. In this way, you’ll discover the richness of both language and communication and be well prepared to conduct original research on language-related issues. This programme is initially intended to prepare its students for a career in research, in particular for PhD positions, although other career options in the fields of Linguistics and/or Communication Sciences are also open to you.

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Future career opportunities

The primary goal of the programme is research training, which makes it ideal for those wishing to embark on a research career, for example by taking a PhD. But it also caters for the growing demand from the public and private sectors for people with academic insight and research skills. Many graduates will join research groups in the public and private sector. 

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All programme courses taught at Radboud University are affiliated with the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). This institute is involved in nationally and internationally acclaimed cutting-edge research in the field of linguistics.


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