Literary Studies

In the Literary Studies Master's programme, you will delve into the world of literature and culture. You will study the history of appreciation, the social and literary-historical context of texts and the interaction between literature and society. You can choose from two attractive thematic specialisations, which offer plenty opportunities to study literature in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish.


  • Literature and Society

    In the Master’s specialisation Literature and Society, you will study literature from different perspectives, in which you focus on narrative power in a rapidly changing world. In this specialisation you will study literary texts.

  • The Book Industry

    Are you interested in literature and its production, distribution and reception? In the Master's specialisation The Book Industry, you will examine the institutions and agents within the literary industry, so you can explore the world around books.


  • Pre-Master's Literary Studies

    If you are not able to directly enrol in a Master’s in Literary Studies, you may be eligible for a pre-Master’s programme, in which you will learn about language and literature.