Ohanes Muradian

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Group work and interactive sessions foster positive relationships among the students and with the teachers, providing opportunities for meaningful exchanges and collaboration.
Ohanes Muradian
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International Business Administration - Radboud University

Ohanes Muradian is a Master's student Marketing.

What do you like about the programme/specialisation and why? How has the programme/specialisation challenged you (in relation to your previous education)?

I have found the Master's programme in Marketing to be quite different from my Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration at the Radboud University. The Marketing programme is much more interactive and engaging, with a strong focus on practical case studies and projects. We have the opportunity to work on real company cases and assume the role of marketing specialists, which gives us valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that businesses face. This hands-on experience will prepare us for the professional world and enhance our skills as marketing professionals.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class (for example the relationship between students and with the teachers/researchers)?

The student-teacher dynamic in the programme is strong. With a small cohort of around 70 students, the teachers are able to get to know their students well and are always available for questions and discussions. Group work and interactive sessions also foster positive relationships among the students and with the teachers, providing opportunities for meaningful exchanges and collaboration.

What do you find most challenging in your Master’s (specialisation)? Have you encountered any obstacles?

One of the most challenging aspects of the programme is keeping up with the reading articles. With over 15 articles assigned for each course, it can be difficult to find the time to read them all and fully absorb the material.

Are you currently doing an internship? Or what is your thesis about?

I will soon embark on writing my thesis, which will focus on the relationship between AI services and the customer experience. I have always been fascinated by the topic of customer experience, as it is essential for businesses to understand how their customers perceive their services. By being aware of any weaknesses or opportunities for improvement, businesses can work towards improving the customer experience and driving growth.

Why do you think is it important that there are people out there with this degree? What are your plans once have received your Master's degree?

One of my goals is to continue growing my business while also gaining experience at an international company. I believe that working for a company can provide valuable insights and practical skills, and I am confident that my Master's degree in Marketing from the Radboud University has prepared me to tackle challenges and offer effective solutions. The class discussions and my thesis on the customer experience will give me a thorough understanding of this field, and I hope to continue learning and growing as a marketing professional.