Master's in Mathematics

Mathematics opens the door to a wide range of career paths: from research in mathematics through to working in biology, climate change or finance. In all walks of life, analytical skills are in high demand. The Master's specialisations in Mathematics offer a large selection of courses, allows you to specialise according to your interests and includes interdisciplinary tracks.

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics opens the door to a wide range of careers, from mathematical research to work in such fields as biology, climate change and finance. A Master’s in Mathematics at Radboud University allows you to create your own tailor-made programme.

  • Science, Management and Innovation

    In Science, Management and Innovation (SMI) you will gain expertise in societal challenges, work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and learn the ability to speak the language of policy and business.

  • Science in Society

    Science and technology fundamentally influence society. The reverse is also true: society shapes the ways in which science and technology evolve. In this specialisation, you will become a bridge-builder between science and society.

Thinking of getting a teaching qualification?

The (Dutch-only) Master's programme in Science Education (Educatie in de Bètawetenschappen) combines mathematics subjects, didactics and internships, which trains you to become a teacher in secondary or higher education.