Why study Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science in Nijmegen?

In this Research Master's specialisation, mathematicians working in areas pertinent to (theoretical) computer science, like algebra and logic, and theoretical computer scientists, working in areas as formal methods and theorem proving, join forces to establish a master programme in the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFoCS).  This Master's specialisation places itself squarely on this exciting and quickly developing interdisciplinary edge of deep theoretical developments.


Why study Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science?

  • This specialisation has a unique theoretical and abstract focus that unites mathematics and computer science. You’ll take classes with mathematics and computer science students and thus become a scientist that can combine knowledge of both these fields.
  • A majority of the courses are electives giving you the choice of how a strong an emphasis you want to place on mathematical or on computer science aspects.
  • You can take part in the Mastermath programme, meaning you can follow advanced mathematics courses pooled by all Dutch universities.
  • Teaching takes place in a stimulating, collegial setting with small groups. This ensures that at Radboud University you’ll get plenty of one-on-one time with your thesis advisor.
  • The job opportunities are excellent: some of our students get offered jobs before they’ve even graduated and almost all of our graduates have positions within six months after graduating.
  • Thanks to free electives students can branch out to other Computing Science or Mathematics domains at Radboud University and study with outstanding professors in those fields.

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