Medical Biology

Are you going to bridge the gap between early biomedical research results and clinical practice? Or would you rather study DNA, RNA and/or proteins in the laboratory? In this Master’s programme you will work to get a deep understanding of the mechanisms acting in human in health and disease at the molecular, cellular and system levels. You can choose between the following specialisations.


  • Human Biology

    Combine fundamental human biology with clinical studies. Bridge the gap between biomedical research results and clinical practice. Get the chance to work together with scientists from highly regarded research groups.

  • Medical Epigenomics

    How do all different types of cells each perform their own specific task? The explanation lies in the epigenome: a heritable, cell type-specific set of chromosomal modifications, which determines cell identity and regulates gene expression.

  • Neurobiology

    Would you like to understand the brain from a multidisciplinary point of view? In this Master's specialisation, you'll study the brain across spatial scales, from molecule to whole human brains.

  • Science, Management and Innovation

    In Science, Management and Innovation (SMI) you will gain expertise in societal challenges, work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and learn the ability to speak the language of policy and business.

  • Science in Society

    Are you concerned about what is going on in the world? Do you have an interest in people, policies, science and society? In this specialisation, you study the relevance of science in society using theoretical principles and practical examples.

Thinking of getting a teaching qualification?

The (Dutch-only) Master's programme in Science Education (Educatie in de Bètawetenschappen) combines biology subjects, didactics and internships, which trains you to become a teacher for secondary or higher education.


Students who'd like to study MSc Medical Biology but who lack a (small) part of the admissions criteria might be eligible for a (customised) pre-Master’s in English. The content of the programme consists of specific courses from our Bachelor's programme in Biology and depends on the specialisation that you intend to choose in the Master’s programme. The content and duration of the pre-Master’s are determined and on an individual basis. 

  • Pre-Master's Medical Biology

    This pre-Master's programme is especially designed to bridge the gap between your prior education and our Master's in Medical Biology. The content and duration of the pre-Master’s are determined and constructed per individual student.