Career prospects

Philosophy has a unique role within contemporary society. Unlike other academic disciplines, its subject matter is not limited to one set of questions, or one domain of investigation. Philosophers poke their noses into all aspects of science and society. In order to do this, they must possess two essential skills, namely the ability to analyse complex issues logically and conceptually and the ability to document their conclusions in clear and persuasive language. Such skills are not innate. They require intensive training. The research Master's programme in Philosophy constitutes the first professional step towards the acquisition of these skills.

After your studies

This programme is designed for students who wish to acquire the skills needed for a career in research, either in academia or elsewhere. The training you receive in conducting academic philosophical research will give you a head start in a search for a PhD position, but your analytical, conceptual and investigative skills also open up a wider range of career opportunities. 

In recent years around 40% of graduates have chosen to continue in academia by pursuing a PhD position (with a success rate of nearly 90%). Many others have chosen to apply their skills elsewhere, in government, journalism, teaching, think tanks, NGOs, IT, consultancy and as strategists, researchers, or policy makers in a host of other fields. 

Your network of Research Master’s alumni and the reputation of the philosophy departments at Radboud University will definitely serve you well, whichever career path you choose. 

Here, you can read more about the experiences of former student Sümer Şen.

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