Career prospects

After your studies

The specialisation in Microbiology is an excellent preparation for a career in research, either in academia, at a governmental institute, or a company. Our students also apply their academic background in a more societal context, for example as policy officer, teacher, or consultant.

Possible occupations

  • Researcher at a university or research institute
  • Risk analyser
  • Researcher at a governmental research institute
  • Consultant at a consulting firm
  • Researcher in a company, either a large or a start-up company
  • Policy officer at a governmental organisation or an NGO
  • Project coordinator in water or ecosystem management
  • Communications officer at an environmental organisation
  • Consultant at a governmental agency, like a ministry
  • Teacher in biology (College or secondary education level)

From the graduates of the Master’s programme in Biology, 50% found a job within their field. The gross starting salary based on 37 hours a week is €2,800. (Source: Studiekeuze123)

PhD positions at Radboud University

Every year, Radboud University offers about 5 to 10 PhD positions in this field of research. Of course, many graduates also apply for a PhD position at related departments in the Netherlands, or abroad.

Radboud Career Service

Radboud Career Service Science helps students, PhDs and alumni with advice and counselling, either in an individual interview or in a workshop with fellow students. Career Service Science can introduce you to people at national and international companies and organisations that offer interesting jobs and internships. With their extensive knowledge of the labour market and recruitment experience, they advise you on how to find the job you desire.

Why stop learning after graduation?

In order to keep pace with the rapid progress in our current society, you must continue to work on your development even after getting a degree. This allows you to keep up with societal change and make a worthwhile contribution to both your personal development and to wider society. For any questions regarding this lifelong development, Radboud Academy is pleased to help you. ​So, are you looking to deepen your knowledge after obtaining a Master’s degree? Then a post-master might be something for you. Or do you want to learn to translate your academic skills into an actual job? Then you can participate in our Young Professional Programme after your Master's (in Dutch).