Why study Microbiology in Nijmegen?

This specialisation focuses on the functioning of microorganisms and their potential for improving our health and the environment. Think of applications in energy-efficient waste processing or next generation vaccines. As the programme contains more than one year of academic research, you will gain extensive hands-on experience in microbial research.


Why study Microbiology?

  • You will follow medical as well as general microbiology courses, enabling you to choose the topics that interest you the most.
  • The research of the Microbiology department at Radboud University has earned the most prestigious science prizes, including three ERC Advanced Grants, a Spinoza Prize, and two Gravitation Grants.
  • You will be able to work with state-of-the-art facilities for molecular methods and meta-omics, bioreactors, electron microscopy and mass spectroscopy equipment.
  • We offer internships at multiple related research institutes, such as the department of Microbiology, the department of Pediatrics (Radboudumc), the department of Internal Medicine (Radboudumc) and the department of Medical Microbiology (Radboudumc).
  • Teaching takes place in small groups and in a stimulating, personal setting.

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