Ludovica Carosi Diatricch

Portrait Ludovica Carosi Diatricch
This Master's programme is demanding and inspiring at the same time
Ludovica Carosi Diatricch
Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (research)
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Biotechnology - University of Rome La Sapienza

Ludovica Carosi Diatricch is a Master student of Molecular Mechanism of Disease at Radboud Universiy. 

What do you like about the programme and why? How has the programme challenged you (in relation to your previous education)? Did you experience things that were especially difficult?

This Master's programme is demanding and inspiring at the same time. The challenge lies in the critical thinking you have to embrace and the problem solving and creativity you have to adopt. Compared to my previous education, this Master's programme is less theoretical and more practical. Regarding the difficulties, I guess every international student struggles a lot with the Dutch study system.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class (for example the relationship between students and with the teachers/researchers)?

The atmosphere in my class is awesome. We are only 24 students, so you always have the impression that you are sharing your time with a little family and, apart from few situations, I have to say we have been lucky. We change professors quite often since, as it is a special programme, each expert teaches us their field; that is why each professor has a different way of connecting with us. Also, we have a really close relationship with our coordinator and with our mentor.

What do you find most challenging in your Master’s? Have you encountered any obstacles?

The most difficult thing here is to get used to the studying method and grading system. The exams are focused on the logic part, not really on the theoretical topics. Also, it is necessary to get used to the "daily" studying, many projects, presentations are needed.

Are you currently doing an internship?

I will start my first internship in January and I will do that in the Molecular Biology department. As a MMD students, we have the chance to carry out our second research Internship abroad.

Why do you think is it important that that there are people out there with this degree?

Studying and putting efforts in a MMD Master's can truly help you to understand what researcher life is and it literally trains you to become a successful researcher from various points of view. I guess this programme's structure really lets you walk out of here with full consciousness of your strengths and "where to look" to fulfil your future expectations.